A Guide to Journal Publication

The purpose of this CD ROM is to aggregate advice and best practices from accomplished engineering academics that will assist both doctoral students and junior faculty members achieve success in journal publication.

The links to the left provide a categorized list of pertinent topics to better understand the sometimes mystifying and confusing publication process. Additionally, included is a summary of a publication process survey sent to engineering journal editors that addresses a range of topics including publication guidelines, acceptance rates, timelines, perceived gender differences, rejection factors, and open-ended counsel.

There are videos of interviews with a variety of academics, from just starting out to very senior, on the journal publication process.

Tutorial videos on searching for citations and analyzing journal impact factors are present.

A carefully chosen set of published papers addressing certain topics regarding publishing in journals are included (with the kind permission of the authors).

Examples of reviews and responses are included.

Comments on emerging issues and formats of archival scholarly publication are given, and the issue of plagiarism is addressed.

Thus, the primary objective of this CD is to explain the publication process and provide workable suggestions that young academics in engineering or related technical fields may use to successfully approach the journal hurdle.

Sponsorship of this project has been provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation:

"ADVANCE Leadership: Improving Success of Women Engineering Academics in Archival Publications."

Grant SBE 0123493
Principal Investigator: Alice E. Smith