Publication Importance

One of the cornerstones of academia is archival journal publication. Publishing provides a communication channel for researchers within a field, a repository of important research efforts, and a recognition mechanism for researchers and institutions alike. However, despite its ubiquitous presence, the publication process remains both daunting and confusing to some doctoral students and newer faculty members. The junior academic knows that not meeting archival journal publication standards in quality and quantity may result in her or his career being severely hindered or even truncated. Other than this threatening consequence, new engineering faculty members have been offered little in the way of structured advice regarding a successful publication career.

This CD ROM attempts to explain the process generically and simply. It gives tricks of the trade, best practices and definitions. It also provides advice and motivation on why and how to publish.

But the best way to achieve mastery of this subject is by doing - write the paper, send it for review and deal with the reviews, revisions and rejections that follow.

Learn how to search abstracts, check your citations, analyze the impact factors of the journals in which publish.

Get involved with a journal - volunteer to review a paper, nominate yourself or get nominated to join the editorial board as an associate editor.

This process is our process - it is organized and implemented by fellow academics. It is only as good as the care, effort and thought that each of us puts into it!

A recent study of NSF emphasizes the importance of journal publication
(The text in the link is taken from Bell et al., 2007)